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experience culture

through cocktails

Experience culture through cocktails


When you come by you might as well try our exclusive VIJFNULVIJF Sunrise cocktail.

For this exotic adventure of flavors we used the Tequila Sunrise as inspiration. The VIJFNULVIJF cocktail is prepared with vodka, amaretto, Japanese calpis and carbonated water.

try our
vijfnulvijf cocktail

vijfnulvijf cocktails amsterdam

VIJFNULVIJF offers a plethora of great drinks and cocktails.

Ranging from the all time classics to our unique Asian inspired cocktails. Prepared with exotic fruits and spices from the asian kitchen – like Japanese yuzu, lemongrass and ginger  you might become addicted to our 'Super Asian Cocktails'.


You can trust our awesome mixologists who respect the standards of preparing each drink.

Cocktails coming soon...

Asian Mule

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